What's Included for the First Jump

What’s Included for the First Jump

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Your first tandem skydive is an intensely thrilling experience. We’re excited to share that with you and want to ensure your time spent at Skydive Tecumseh is as fulfilling as possible!

Our first jump packages include a 60-second freefall, with our planes letting passengers out anywhere from 9,000 to 18,000 feet above Michigan. Also included are a number of amenities that make this experience at Skydive Tecumseh well worth the purchase.

What You Get

With less an hour of training, first jumpers will be ready to make their first skydive on the same day! You’ll be connected to one of our USPA-Certified professional instructors with our top-of-the-line parachute and harness system, given goggles and a jumpsuit if you’d like one, then loaded onto a plane and swept up to altitude.

If you booked your reservation with friends, we’ll do our absolute best to get your all on the same airplane load so that you can celebrate your victory upon landing.

Skydivers in the plane before their jump

Once you exit the plane, freefall should last for about a minute. At that point you’ll be able to feel the adrenaline and excitement taking over your body. We guarantee you’ll be smiling.

When the feefall ends, the ride still isn’t over! A parachute will unfurl above your head and the final leg of your journey — a five minute canopy ride over Michigan — will begin to bring you safely back down to Earth. We can make your parachute ride as thrilling or docile as you wish, so make sure to communicate with your instructor beforehand.

Once you land, you’ll be sure to get ample high fives and a certificate congratulating you on completing your first jump. If you’re interested in learning more about potentially flying solo one day, we can point you to our student program.  You can also inquire about purchasing a video.

How To Prepare

Wear something comfortable that suits the weather and bring a positive mental attitude!

It’s important not to wear anything overly loose or baggy because it can impact the way you fly. We also ask that you avoid hoods or anything else loose that could flap around. As for shoes, sneakers that lace up are best.

Remember: you’re traveling in the wind at speeds exceeding 120 miles per hour. Don’t wear anything that could fall off easily.

We realize you may be nervous, but don’t forget to eat something before you visit! If you’re fearing that you’ll get sick and throw up, we encourage you to eat. In fact, it’s the first time skydivers who haven’t eaten anything all day that tend to become nauseated. You’ll have so much excitement pumping through you that you’ll need all the energy you can get!


Now, what are you waiting for? Book your first jump with us today and get ready to have the time of your life.

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

We had to reschedule our jump three times due to weather, but it was definitely worth the wait and I'm definitely going again! The entire crew was amazing!

Katrina McKinney