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  • Tandem skydiving student looking stoked

    Training & First Tandem Skydive 9,000ft

    This is your entry point to the sky! Experience the thrill at a lower price point.

  • Tandem skydivers having a great time

    Training & First Tandem Skydive 14,000ft

    Our most popular option! A full minute of free fall from 14,000 feet!

  • Tandem skydiving student holding onto her instructors feet

    Training & First Tandem Skydive 18,000ft

    This is the ULTIMATE! The highest jump in Michigan from 18,000 feet!

  • Three skydivers making a formation during free fall

    Accelerated Free Fall

    After a day of training in our classroom, you will be prepared to make your first skydive. During your first few jumps, you will be as­sisted by two instructors who will be there to observe your skydive and guide you through the process. In freefall, your instructors will use hand sig­nals to communicate with you, helping you correct your body position, maintain altitude awareness, and stay relaxed.

  • Top view of a skydiver learning to parachute

    IAD Training Progression – Ground School & First Skydive

    Instructor Assisted Deployment is one of two methods to help you achieve self-supervised status. IAD begins your training from the bottom up, you'll start with a skydive from 3,500 feet, then progress to higher altitudes!

  • Skydive Tecumseh Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificates

    Give the greatest adventure in the world as a gift! (You'll be very popular). Purchase a certificate towards the total price of a skydive or purchase the entire experience.

This was a great experience! The staff were friendly, the TI (Amber) was informative and made it fun. I felt very safe and in the care of a qualified and capable TI. Skydive Tecumseh has been around for over 50 years and I can see why. This is a fantastic place to check off one's bucket list, have fun with friends, and do something exhilarating. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have a chance of a lifetime.

Ellen Brothers