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Wondering how much it costs to skydive in Michigan? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a first-time skydiver or an experienced fun jumper, Skydive Tecumseh offers a variety of jump options to fit your experience level and budget.  We offer some of the most competitive skydiving prices in Michigan and pride ourselves on providing our guests with friendly, safe and professional service. We are not the cheapest skydiving, but we are the best!

You can view a complete list of all of our skydiving prices and services below. If you have questions about any of our services or would just like to speak with a member of our team prior to booking your jump, please feel free to contact us – we’d be happy to speak with you!


A tandem skydive is our recommended method to experience human flight for the first time. With less than an hour of training, you will be ready to take your first skydive! All prices include equipment training and flight to altitude. Nothing Hidden.

  • Tandem skydiving student looking stoked

    9,000ft First Tandem Skydive / $249

    Experience Human Flight! (approx.30 second free fall)

  • Tandem skydivers having a great time

    14,000ft First Tandem Skydive / $275

    Our most popular option! (approx. 60 second free fall)

  • Tandem skydiving student holding onto her instructors feet

    18,000ft First Tandem Skydive / $425

    Get the Ultimate Rush! (approx. 90 second free fall)


  • why do people skydive

    9,000ft First Tandem Skydive / $289

    Experience Human Flight! (approx.30 second free fall)

  • 14,000ft First Tandem Skydive / $299

    Our Most Popular Option! (approx. 60 second free fall)

  • 18,000ft First Tandem Skydive / $475

    Get the Ultimate Rush! (approx. 90 second free fall)

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Let our professional videographers record your experience with video and high-res digital photos.

  • Instructor Handcam / $119

    Your instructor wears a camera on his wrist to get an inside perspective of you leaving the airplane, your freefall, and the flight under parachute.

  • skydiving exit

    Outside Video and Stills / $159

    We send a professional videographer with you to capture your experience from an outside perspective looking in. With this package, you will get to interact with another skydiver in freefall, and they will also take pictures. Package includes approximately 50 photos of you enjoying the experience

  • skydive near kalamazoo mi

    Deluxe Video and Stills / $239

    Why not combine the best of both worlds? This is our rockstar package in which we combine both the instructor wearing a camera on his wrist and send a professional videographer with you to capture your skydive.

Skydiving Group Rates

  • Groups of 5-9

    Big Savings! Save $10 Each

  • Groups of 20+

    Huge Savings! Organizer Jumps for FREE! Save $30 Each

Learn To Skydive Prices

AFF Training Progression

Accelerated Freefall begins your training from the top down, you’ll start with a skydive from 14,000 feet with two instructors, then progress to one instructor.

Option Information Price
Ground School & AFF Level 1 Training Course, First Jump & Gear $399
Category B Training Jump & Gear $249
Category C1 Training Jump &Gear $249
Category C2 Training Jump & Gear $239
Category D1 Training Jump & Gear $239
Category D2 Training Jump & Gear $239
Category E Training Jump & Gear $239
“A” License Jumps

To earn an “A” License and become a certified skydiver, students need to complete 25 jumps. Following the AFF Training Progression, the average student will need approximately 6 coaching jumps in order to complete the USPA A license proficiency card. Any remaining jumps will be self supervised.

**The average cost for a jumper to obtain their United States Parachute “A” license is approximately $3500**

Option Information Price
Coaching Jump Includes Training, Jump & Gear $175
Self Supervised Jump Includes Jump & Rental Gear $85

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Experienced Skydiver Prices

Experienced Skydivers

Our main aircraft is a super fast King Air! Come and enjoy 14,000ft loads all day long.

Option Information Price
Full Altitude - 14,000ft Self Manifest with Burble Me App $34
Full Altitude - 14,000ft DZ Manifest $35
Gear Rental
Option Information Price
Gear Rental Includes Rig, Jumpsuit, Goggles & Altimeter $50
Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

I drove more than 2 hours to jump with Tecumseh because I wanted a reputable company and I was not disappointed. They were very safety minded and professional. The staff was very friendly and made the whole experience fun! If you're only doing it once, pay the extra and get the video package. Very well done, you won't be disappointed.

Ken Reeves