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USPA Skydiving Licenses

Become a Licensed Skydiver

About Skydiving Licenses

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is tasked with promoting safety in skydiving and setting the training and licensing standards for skydivers in the USA. Anyone wishing to skydive solo must start by enrolling in a training program which culminates in earning the initial “A” license from the USPA. Once an “A” license is obtained, skydivers can continue to advance in the sport by earning more advanced skydiving licenses and ratings. Read more about each of the USPA skydiving licenses below.

Skydive Student:

As soon as you make a skydive (Tandem or AFF) you are considered a skydive student! While on student status you can only jump with USPA rated AFF or Tandem Instructors.

Self-Supervised Solo Status:

After you graduate from the AFF program, while still officially a student, you will be cleared to self-supervise your own jumps allowing you to skydive by yourself with USPA rated Coaches or with your Instructors.

A License (25 jumps minimum):

After you complete your A License Progression Card, you will now be considered a “Licensed” skydiver. This is where the real fun begins – jump solo, with groups, belly fly, freefly – you name it, the sky is yours!

B License (50 jumps minimum):

Complete 25 more jumps, take a water-landing training class, have at least 10 accuracy jumps, demonstrate advanced canopy control skills, pass the quiz, and you can receive your B License! This lets you do night jumps!

C License (200 jumps minimum):

Another 150 jumps, 25 accuracy jumps, flight maneuvers, pass the quiz, and there’s your C License! Once you’ve achieved your C license, you’ll be qualified to take Instructor Rating courses.

D License: (500 jumps minimum):

300 more jumps, 2 flawless night jumps, plus all previous requirements, pass the quiz, and attain the approval of a member of the USPA Board of Directors, a Safety & Training Advisor, or an Instructor Examiner, and you’ll receive your D License.

Read more about skydiving licenses on the USPA website

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

We had to reschedule our jump three times due to weather, but it was definitely worth the wait and I'm definitely going again! The entire crew was amazing!

Katrina McKinney