So You've Made a Tandem Jump. What's Next

So You’ve Made a Tandem Jump. What’s Next?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Holy $&#! YOU DID IT!

The feeling after that first-time tandem skydive is truly incredible, is it not? Chances are, you’ve been doing your best to describe to people (like, everybody) exactly what skydiving feels like. You’ve been walking on a cloud, wearing a loopy grin from ear to ear. You’ve been using that momentum to tackle challenges you only vaguely imagined facing up to.

You want to keep this feeling going. You really, truly do.

And you can!

There are plenty of ways to keep this momentum going after your first skydive. If you’re ready for the ride of your life, here are a few ideas to get you started. Get ready for adventure (and access to the tap for on-demand running super-good feels), and read on!

1. Earn your solo skydiving license.

If you thought that a skydiving tandem jump felt good, just wait until you try jumping solo. It’s a whole other level. Your USPA A-license is the card that proves you’ve completed your training and proven your ability to skydive safely by yourself–making it your golden ticket to skies all over the world. Once you earn your skydiving license with us here at Skydive Tecumseh’s top-rated student skydiving program, you’ll be able to flash that license and jump all around the world. You can expect earning a skydiving license to open up so many new opportunities to you.

2. Work those new skills with lots of amazing new friends.

You’ll very soon discover progression and improvement is encouraged and supported in skydiving. With a team of friends and mentors around you, you’ll get better and better with every jump. You’ll learn to build shapes in the sky, to flip yourself into a number of different configurations, and to follow other jumpers around on a downward-tilting angle. It will become quickly apparent that skydiving is about a thousand percent more fun when you have friends to smile at up there.

3. Try different disciplines.

Skydiving enjoys enough subdisciplines that there’s pretty much something that everyone can fall for. (Tee hee. See what we did there?) At any rate: As you grow as a skydiver, you’ll discover the modes of flight that you’re most passionate about and you can focus on improving those specific disciplinary skills.

From open-air gymnastics (freestyle) to zooming around like a flying squirrel (wingsuiting) to linking up with a bunch of other people under parachute (canopy relative work) to treating your parachute like a high-performance motorcycle (swooping) and along to dozens more, you’ll discover a veritable library of cool stuff to try in the sky.

Challenge, confidence, skills, friendship, community–there’s nothing skydiving doesn’t offer to its passionate participants. By now, it’s gotta be pretty clear to you now that your tandem jump is just the beginning of the greatest adventure you’ll ever undertake. So–what do you say? Are you ready to make skydiving the most satisfying part of your well-lived life? Don’t wait. Learn how to skydive with us this weekend!

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

On Labor Day my daughter took our first jump. She got me it for my 62nd birthday to check off my bucket list. It was the most intense adrenaline rush I have ever experienced. James and Amber (my daughters tandem partner) were very professional and made our jumps fantastic. We will be back again and hope to bring a group with us. Tremendous experience.

John Gay