Tandem Skydiving Not What You Expect

Tandem Skydiving: Not What You Expect

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Folks have a lot (and we do mean a lot) of misconceptions about what skydiving is all about. There are rampant myths out there about what tandem skydiving feels like, why people tandem skydive in the first place and–for us, most importantly, what skydiving actually does for you. The myths can really get in the way, so we want to knock down three of the whoppers we seem to hear every day. Why? Because we know that making a tandem skydive is going to be so much more than what you might expect it to be. Fer sure.

Do you expect tandem skydiving to be like a theme park ride? Heck nope.

Tandem skydiving isn’t a ride. It’s not like a roller coaster, where you expect to be strapped in and just passively endure the rattly zoom until the car cruises back to the start. There’s no theme park here; no college students wandering around in ridiculous mascot costumes and posing for photo opportunities; no pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all “experience” to undergo, check it off and get the t-shirt*.

Nope. There’s none of that in skydiving. Every tandem skydive is different. Every tandem skydive is personal. Every tandem skydive is about you and your experience. There’s risk! There’s a challenge! When you walk away from your first tandem skydiving experience, you’re going to be amazed at the many ways that it will make you feel ALIVE. Many of our jumpers report that they haven’t felt so alive in many, many moons.

Do you expect that you’ll be able to remember your tandem skydive in vivid detail? Um–well–nopers.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s the way that skydiving tickles your neurochemistry that triggers the truly amazing benefits of skydiving as an activity. When going for a tandem skydive kicks in your adrenals, you’ll experience the highest highs you’ve likely ever felt–but it also has a tendency to change the way your brain stores memories. Because the tandem skydiving experience is so likely to go by in a blur, you’ll need a little help to hang on to the details. For this reason (along with many others, not the least of which being a solid social-media humblebrag), we highly recommend arranging with us for a videographer to capture your jump.

Do you expect the benefits of the jump to end when you land? Absolutely nope.

Y’know that neurochemical thing we were just talking about? That’s the magic, right there. You’ll feel happier than you’ve felt in a long time, enjoying super-strong, natural injections of cortisol, dopamine and adrenaline that will send your heart soaring into the stratosphere. There’s really nothing like it in the human experience outside of airsports, and it’s a gift that we’re passionate about offering to everyone we can.

It’s not just chemical magic that’s taking place here, either. There’s a tremendous sense of possibility that skydiving generates in its participants–of potential–of empowerment. The reality of the transformative power of skydiving is a reality you really need to peel back the curtain for yourself to see…and we’re here to help you do it. Reach out to us and book that jump today.

*…though we do have t-shirts here if you really want one. And they’re pretty nice. We like ‘em.

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

Went and did my first jump with Skydive Tecumseh and t was awesome! My dad had been telling me for 10 years he was going to take me and never did. So finally for his 50th birthday, I took him! It was an amazing experience all thanks to the staff at Skydive Tecumseh! They were friendly, helpful, and totally laid back! They definitely knew how to make a first-time jumper feel at ease! I would highly recommend them and will definitely be going back again!

Stephanie Christensen