Skydivers giving a thumbs up during the plane ride

Skydive Tecumseh: We’re Still Here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

To paraphrase Mark Twain, “Rumors of [Skydive Tecumseh’s] death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Not every healthy business has had the eyebrow-raising experience of having its obituary published in a newspaper. I mean, Skydive Tecumseh is old–it was founded in 1963, after all, when skydiving for fun was a brand-new thing–but the operation was hale and hearty upon the article’s spring 2015 publication. We were just moving from one airfield to another in the confusion following a rocky change in airport ownership.

Not surprisingly, a lot of the Michigan skydiving community mourned unnecessarily. What a mess.

In the interest of putting Humpty Dumpty together again, we’d like to put an end to the whole “Skydive Tecumseh is dead” thing with a hearty “long live Skydive Tecumseh”–and put a few other myths to rest, too.


1. Skydive Tecumseh is still Skydive Tecumseh.

Skydive Tecumseh logoAlthough the Skydive Tecumseh operation has moved 20 minutes up the road to Jackson, MI, we’re keeping the name. We like the name. Skydive Tecumseh has been around under that name since 1963. We’re not planning on scrubbing itout. The name ‘Skydive Tecumseh’ honors and maintains the club’s 50 years of history. It’s ours. In stone. Period, end.

2Tandem skydiving instructor waving at the camera during free fall. Skydive Tecumseh is even better than it was before.

We know people say this stuff a lot when they’ve gone through a transition, but trust us–Skydive Tecumseh is having a renaissance moment. We’ve been the leading skydiving DZ in Michigan for years, and the move means that we’re coming back with a vengeance in 2017. We’re building a beautiful facility–a shiny, new, 11,000-square-foot hangar (big enough for the Twin Otter that’s going in there eventually) and a campground. 

3. Old doesn’t mean worn out. Far from it.

I mean, come on, now. Being one of the most legendary, historic dropzones in the country only means that we have more to share with new jumpers and with the skydiving community at large. Skydive Tecumseh started as a club for people who love skydiving by people who love skydiving, and that spirit drives us forward through all the exciting developments in procedures, aircraft and technology. 

Skydive Tecumseh has trained thousands of skydivers through the years, and watch how passionately and faithfully we maintain that tradition. It’s obvious right when you come through the (brand-new) doors.

Tandem skydiving student grabs instructors feet during freefall4. Skydive Tecumseh’s new home feels like home. Your home.

We’ve got an incredible jumping community over here, and we have got a proud history of creating new jumpers and breathing life into the sport. It’s been a rough road for the last couple of years, but we still love the sport, we still believe in it, and we remade Skydive Tecumseh just for you. Come on over!

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

It was great. Went from 18,000ft. It was on July 2, 2016. It was my 2ndtandemm flight. I will definitely come back. Recommend Skydive Tecumseh to everyone it was a great way to start your day. I'm 63 and coming back every year. Very professional and friendly staff. I absolutely LOVED it.

Paul Davies