Tandem skydiver smiling at the camera while in free fall

Tandem Skydiving Lansing – Our Tips for a Great Experience

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Are you tempted to experience the Lansing skydive scene? Have you already booked a tandem skydive? Are you considering giving one heck of a gift to somebody?

If you’re thinking about tandem skydiving, our number one tip is go for it! Here are a few more to ensure you get a great experience out of doing a tandem skydive.

Remember Skydiving is Weather DependentTandem skydivers with the wind blowing in their faces

For safety and enjoyment reasons, we don’t skydive in bad weather. Due to this, Skydive Tecumseh operates from April through to between October and December, depending on the weather.

If you are planning to book a tandem skydive, make sure to do so during these months. When you book, be aware that a skydive is not guaranteed on the date of booking, so phone up on the day and check that the conditions are acceptable.

Any time of year, morning weather tends to be more skydiving suitable. Book as early in the day as your travel allows.

Beware of Frauds

If you search for “Skydiving Lansing”, you get a ton of promising looking results. Unfortunately, the few dropzones in the area are not all you see.

Many websites promising skydiving in popular areas are actually third parties and not dropzones.

They will sell you a voucher for a random dropzone and make themselves a tidy profit on top of it.

Booking via these third parties comes with no guarantee of quality. Make sure you book directly with a dropzone.

how to spot a third party seller:

  1. Look carefully for a physical address at an airport 
  2. If they have an address, Google map it. If it’s not an airport, they’re not a skydiving center.
  3. Be inquisitive. Phone them up and chat about skydiving, ask them questions. A (good) skydiving center will be able and happy to answer.

Tandem skydivers jumping out of a planeGet the Free Fall

One of the most significant ways in which the local skydiving centers vary is what aircraft they fly. A larger and more powerful aircraft allows a skydiving center to fly to higher altitudes.

A higher exit altitude means a longer freefall and a greater experience, experienced skydivers always favour centers with higher exit altitudes.

Our King Air is a cut above your average skydiving plane and takes you skydiving way above the Lansing area, up to 18,000 ft.

If a skydiving center’s website is not advertising what altitude they fly to, it is probably not much.

You Will Want to Tell Everyone – Show Them Too

A video package is an investment in some truly special pictures for showing your friends and a priceless reminder for you of an amazing day.

Tandem Skydiving Lansing

We think we’re the best choice for tandem skydiving in the Lansing area, and plenty of happy people agree with us. Check out our Google and Yelp reviews.

Convinced? You can book your Lansing tandem skydive with Skydive Tecumseh today.

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

Best place to skydive in Michigan hands down!! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff make you feel special, comfortable and safe. Our first tandem experience was incredible!!! Definitely coming back soon and recommend friends to go here!!!

Erik Chovan