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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go Skydiving

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Curious if skydiving is for everyone. “Everyone?” you ask? EVERYONE. Yes.

Here at Skydive Tecumseh, we are adamant about this: Everyone should make a skydive at some point in their life. Every. Single. Person. We’re over-the-moon passionate about that because we love this sport to the cores of our jumpsuited beings, and we know that the act of skydiving is way more than just a couple minutes of freefall and parachutin’. It’s a life-changing moment, and it makes every life better that it touches. 

Don’t raise that eyebrow so high–after we explain, you’ll understand (and, fingers crossed, come out for a demonstration!)

Top Reasons to Go Skydiving

1. You’ve Always Wanted To Skydive.

We know! It’s been on your bucket list forever. Whenever you see a skydiver swoosh by in a movie, or a TV show, or commercial, or viral video, you’re, like–I’m totally going to do that someday.

We’re here to tell you that “someday” is happening right now. Someday could be today, you know. Or tomorrow. Someday could happen because it’s your birthday, or because you just graduated, or because you’re planning a smokin’ wedding proposal, or because it’s Friday and it’s gorgeous out. Someday could happen with your closest friends gathered around you, or someday could happen when you’re craving some epic me-time. If you’ve “always wanted to do this,” prove it! Call someday off the bench.

2. You Want To Save Money On Therapy.

Skydiver on a parachute rideOnce you’ve driven out to the dropzone, strapped on the gear, and hurled yourself out of a flying airplane, the challenges that beset you in your earthbound life have a tendency to look very different. In the magical state of flow that a skydive creates, time slows down, the present moment takes over, and the only thing on your mind will be the whoosh of freefall and the embrace of the air. If we’re being honest, that’s the reason most of us sport skydivers fall so completely in love with the sport–for its therapeutic qualities.

3. You Want A Little Bit More Time Added To Your Life’s Clock.

This is going to sound kinda crazy, but hear us out: Time works differently in the sky. The minutes you spend in the plane, in freefall, and under the canopy feel much longer than they actually are. It’s a neurological phenomenon that results from skydiving’s unique combination of stress and ecstasy, and it warps your experience of time.

The result is absolute access to presence. Wild, huh?

Basically, a skydive has the power to stretch the fabric of life so that more joy fits inside. There’s only one way to really understand how it works–by joining us, of course.

4. You Want To Meet New People.

Skydive Tecumseh - the whole teamDropzones are very, very social spaces. The skydiving community is as tight as it is friendly and way more inclusive than you probably think it is. People come to skydiving from all backgrounds and walks of life, united by the core principles of freedom, self-expression, and excellence that the sport espouses.

It’s not uncommon for someone to show up at the dropzone for a tandem skydive and end up a couple of months later with a solo license, a crew of friends-for-life, and a whole new outlook. That is amazing to watch, especially from our front-row seats. After all, we’ve been inviting new jumpers into skydiving’s worldwide community for many years at Skydive Tecumseh, and it never gets old for us. 
Doesn’t all this make you curious? Don’t you want to see for yourself how all of these wonders knit themselves together? Don’t you want to revel in the experience–and, just maybe, find a whole new way of looking at the world? There’s only one way to do it. Don’t be a stranger!

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

I've been wanting to skydive for a number of years and on September 3rd for my 50th birthday, I jumped with Skydive Tecumseh. The staff were amazing and the experience was unbelievable and I will be back!

Jeffrey Gee