The Skydiving Wedding Proposal

Friday, September 30, 2022

We believe that everyone should go skydiving and it is a fact that your first skydive is one that you’ll never forget. It’s such a monumental experience that we often joke that having a videographer on your skydive is more important than a wedding photographer. But what if a couple went skydiving together AND a skydiving marriage proposal happened simultaneously?? Wait… is that even possible!? Heck to the YEAHHH!

Skydiving Proposal: How It’s Typically Done

skydiving marriage proposals

A mountain peak at sunset, a romantic walk on the beach, and even the classic dinner date proposals are expected, if not outdated.

Tired of the same ole same ole engagement posts? Don’t want to see even one more “he stole my heart so I’m stealing his last name” caption? Then let’s send it with a skydiving marriage proposal!

The caption “freefallin’ forever with you” is way better than any of those generic ones!! Why would you not want to combine two of the most memorable days of your entire life? Your first jump and the day you pop the question are easily top five life moments.

Interested? Then here’s what you should do: 

1. Tell us, but be discreet!

Once you check in and waiver up, let us know if you are planning a proposal so we can help make your day extra special! If you’d like, you can reach out to the dropzone in advance so we can give you the skinny on what is (and isn’t) feasible for your big day. We will assist you where possible to help carry out your plan! For instance, by telling us what you’re up to, we’ll be able to make sure that you exit the aircraft before your future spouse and get to the ground first. 

We would also like to note that people who get motion sickness skydive successfully all the time! BUT, we like to know beforehand so that your tandem instructor can take it super easy and guide you and your beloved down slowly and gently. We want your photos to be top-notch, not displaying last night’s dinner. Especially when a proposal is in the works!

2. Let us hold the ring

If you’re skydiving at the same time as your lucky person, you’ll want to give us the ring. This way, you won’t have to worry dropping it 14,000 feet up *gasp* OR fumbling to pull it out in time and ruining the whole thing. Instead, we will run out and get it to you in the nick of time once you land! 

3. Get a photographer…oh wait, we’re already here!

Like we said earlier, in our humble opinion, videos of the jump are more important than the proposal and wedding… but you definitely want to be sure to capture the moment with a professional photographer. We’re experts at freefall photography and will most definitely capture THE question back on the ground! 

Why is photography a critical part of the day? Imagine not only reliving your skydive (from gear up to landing) but also the day your life changes forever! The butterflies, dopamine boost (happiness!), and overall joy from the entire experience will all be felt every time you watch your smile on camera and when you share it with others.  

4. Send it!

You just did a full send-out of an AIRPLANE, nothing can scare you now! Drop the knee and pop the question. You’ve got this – be confident!

Skydiving Proposal Ideas

skydiving marriage proposal

If you’re planning to make skydiving a part of your big day, but you’re still not sure how to accomplish it, here are some ways that we’ve seen it done successfully:

1. A Really Big Sign

Go big or go home! Bring a huge “Will You Marry Me?” sign or banner in the landing area so that your bride- or groom-to-be will see it before they even touch the ground. Imagine how special your person will feel seeing the biggest question of their life after a once-in-a-lifetime experience… neat! 

2. The Minimalist 

Don’t want all the flashiness of a sign and on-ground photographer? Land your parachute, watch your soulmate float to the ground, let the tandem instructor step aside, and quietly (and oooh so romantically) pop the question. 

3. The Eager One

Too nervous (or excited) to wait for the skydiving to be over? Ask before the jump! Imagine finishing your brief and gearing up, giving your partner that special look, and showing the ring just minutes before the jump! Celebrating by skydiving together will be unforgettable!  

4. The Observer

Are you less-than-interested in skydiving yourself, but you know that your future spouse would love nothing more (well, nothing more besides you)? You don’t actually have to jump for this to be an exceptionally special day for you both. You’ll have about 20 minutes after your beloved boards the plane which will give you plenty of time to get your nerves together or gather your friends and family to witness THE moment. 

A marriage proposal marks the beginning of something new and exciting. Skydiving can be the best way to jumpstart your new life together, as it is an unforgettable experience that will woo the hearts of generations to come. And maybe it will become a newfound hobby to pursue with your spouse! Take your next step with your love and make your reservation today.

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

Went and did my first jump with Skydive Tecumseh and t was awesome! My dad had been telling me for 10 years he was going to take me and never did. So finally for his 50th birthday, I took him! It was an amazing experience all thanks to the staff at Skydive Tecumseh! They were friendly, helpful, and totally laid back! They definitely knew how to make a first-time jumper feel at ease! I would highly recommend them and will definitely be going back again!

Stephanie Christensen