What to Know About Family Skydiving

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Skydiving with family might not be first on your list of family-friendly get-togethers, but it might just be the adventure your family needs! Instead of struggling to top last years’ family vacation, give your family a once-in-a-lifetime outing they will never forget.

If family skydiving strikes your fancy, but you aren’t quite sure what to expect, here’s what you need to know. 

family skydiving

This isn’t your typical family trip.

Let’s be honest. Despite your best intentions, a lot of family trips fall flat. If family bonding is what you’re after, skydiving with your family might just do the trick. 

There’s something about getting people out of their comfort zone that helps you to really get to know them. When it comes to your family, trying new things together can break down barriers and help you bond. 

In part, there’s the adrenaline rush to thank. When you land from your skydive, you’ll be flooded with adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin, the feel-good hormone. These chemical compounds contribute to feelings of elation and will have you feeling quite jolly as you once again come face to face with your relatives on the ground. Instead of nose deep in a cell phone, you might just find your typically tight-lipped teens actually interacting with the family, eagerly chatting about the experience you’ve all just shared!

Your family may never see things quite the same way.

The other element to hold accountable for strengthening the ties that bind during skydiving with family is the literal and metaphorical perspective shift you experience. 

It’s not often you, or your family will peer from the open door of a moving plane as your soar above the earth. It’s not often you’ll bring your toes to the ledge and look down at the world in miniature below, knowing you’ll soon be hurdling towards it at 120 mph. It’s not often you’ll experience terminal velocity or know the bliss of feeling the canopy open, fill with air, and billow above you. 

These moments bring everything sharply into focus and, often, inspire people to spend some time rearranging their priorities. Don’t be surprised if your family starts focusing less on who’s turn it is to take the trash out and more on what’s important—enjoying each other. 

skydiving with your family

There is no skydiving age limit.

Skydiving with family is an activity that individuals of almost any age can enjoy. At Skydive Tecumseh, we’ve taken individuals ranging from ages 18 to 90+ on tandem skydives.  While there is no skydiving age limit, the United States Parachute Association has established a minimum age for skydiving based on the age of the majority. In order to participate in a skydive, you need to be able to fill out a legally binding waiver, and thus, the minimum age to participate in parachuting operations is 18 years of age.

While they cannot skydive, individuals who do not meet the age requirement can still join the family for the experience as their ground crew and support system!

**Please note, special exceptions have been made, and the minimum age waived, for the terminally ill working with the Make a Wish Foundation.**

Skydiving can become a full-day affair.

Skydiving is a family-friendly activity, and everyone is welcome to join us at Skydive Tecumseh to celebrate the family skydiving. However, be prepared to spend the day with us. If there are things amiss with the weather or other unsavory conditions beyond our control, jumpers may experience delays. If you have other family members joining you, please make sure they know what to expect.

skydiving with your family

At Skydive Tecumseh we have the perfect area set aside for picnics and spectators; however, we do advise, if you bring tots or toddlers along with you, please be sure to pack a snack and/or game to help keep them occupied. Skydiving can delight young and old alike; it’s just more likely that the young will need a bit more entertainment!

We can’t wait to meet the whole gang. Schedule your family skydive at Skydive Tecumseh today!

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

I drove more than 2 hours to jump with Tecumseh because I wanted a reputable company and I was not disappointed. They were very safety minded and professional. The staff was very friendly and made the whole experience fun! If you're only doing it once, pay the extra and get the video package. Very well done, you won't be disappointed.

Ken Reeves