Is A Skydiving License Worth It?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Is a skydiving license worth it?! Oh HECK, YES. Now: all histrionics aside, let’s talk about exactly why a skydiving license is one of the best investments you’ll ever make — for serious. Actually. Indubitably.

The Startup Costs Aren’t That Bad — and It Gets Better

Between getting your solo skydiving license and buying your first round of gear, you’ll make an investment that roughly amounts to the same outlay you’d make on a used motorcycle. From there, you’ll only be paying for jumps and for the continuing education of coaching (if you’re a smart cookie). That, of course, drops the cost per jump significantly.

Sure, there are specialty jumps to be done (HALO, hot air balloons, special aircraft, boogie registrations…) but the amount you’ll spend for a weekend of “normal” skydiving is likely to be about what a tandem student pays for their one-off experience. Kinda cool, no?

Is A Skydiving License Worth It? Skydivers in formation during free fall

That’s Not All, Folks

Knocking out that solo skydiving license is one of the most rewarding challenges you’ll undertake in your entire life, and the accomplishment you’ll undoubtedly feel will be chased by all kinds of follow-on accomplishments as you work your way through the licensing levels, ratings and disciplinary skills that come next.

Once you have that A-license, you can start learning how to do all kinds of new stuff in the sky – and, perhaps, pursuing competition-level skills! You can learn to jump in all kinds of different configurations, with specialized equipment that lets you truly explore the boundaries of human flight. It’s rad, and it’ll be yours to explore.

solo skydiving | Skydive Tecumseh

You’ll Have the World at your Feet!

Once you’ve completed AFF and earned your solo skydiving license you’ll be able to explore the skies of the world from the open door of a plane. From Alaska to Zanzibar, dropzones will be waiting to welcome you and show you their slice of blue. Believe us when we tell you that seeing the world from this perspective is one of the very best parts of skydiving.

Even if you decide to stay right here in Michigan, there’s no end to the fun you can have. There are plenty of awesome regional skydiving boogies for you to rock up and crush it, making instant friends wherever you go.

You’ll Be Part of the Skyfamily

…Speaking of which, you’ll be an initiate in one of the raddest communities on the planet: the worldwide community of skydivers that cheekily calls itself the “skyfam.” Sure, lots of other sports, extreme and otherwise, involve communities of super-fun people – but there’s something extra about the skydiving community of which you become a part when you earn your solo skydiving license.

Unique personalities define the sport because skydiving is one of the most open-armed communities out there. Nobody on the dropzone seems to give a corgi’s waggy butt about occupation, race, color, creed – even language. (We work by gesture in the sky, anyway.)

Well, then! Are you ready to take on the challenge and reap the piled-high benefits that your sport skydiving A-license will bring? C’mon down and make this your year to fly!

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

Fast efficient staff, GREAT friendly tandem jumpers! This is the best place stateside to jump! You can bring all levels of family and friends and all will have a lifetime experience. A1 setup here. My favorite in Michigan by far.

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