Skydiving Videos: Are They Worth It?

Skydiving Videos: Are They Worth It?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hooray! You made your first skydive. Your friends and family want to know everything, from start to finish, about how it went. You pause. It was indescribable. Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words and a skydiving video is worth ten thousand more.


You didn’t get a photo or video package? Inexplicable. We guess no one told you that extra add-on is totally worth it. You have pictures of every other “first,” right? First dance. First day at school. Not to mention graduations, birthdays, and celebrations.

Skydiving is no different. Even more so than on other occasions, your skydive is going to be life-changing. You’re likely to regret it if you don’t have at least a few photos to remember it by.

Is a Skydiving Video Worth it?

skydive near kalamazoo miYour first time jumping from an airplane is an incredibly special moment.  It is also, without a doubt, an experience that will cause you to feel something called sensory overload. On a skydive, your brain and body are taking in a host of stimuli that you’ve never encountered before.  When this happens, you’re totally aware, but after the fact, you may feel a bit fuzzy on the details and unable to recall what exactly happened.

The benefit of capturing your jump with a skydiving video is the ability to experience your first skydive again and again, perhaps, picking up something new you didn’t notice each time. The other benefit is watching your skydive from a new point of view. You’ll watch as you exit the aircraft, experience freefall for the first time, as the parachute opens, and as you touch back down to the ground when you land.

Sharing the Experience

Skydiving is a great way to bring friends and family together, especially if you are using your jump to celebrate a special occasion. It’s fulfilling to be able to share the experience with the people you care about.

We have the perfect space for spectators to gather, picnic, and watch parachutes, including the one attached to you, land. Unfortunately, there’s no way for your friends and family to join you on the aircraft (unless they elect to make a skydive jump as well), and even if they do, they can’t see you (and every one of your priceless reactions) as you exit the airplane and enter freefall.

That is unless you capture it all with a tandem skydiving video!

Tandem Skydiving Videos Offered at Skydiving Tecumseh

At Skydive Tecumseh, we have multiple options for skydiving videos. We offer two styles: outside video (a separate professional videographer flies with you) or inside video (with a handcam attached to your tandem instructor).

Outside Professional Video and Photographs

With this option, a professional freefall videographer will exit the plan with you and capture your skydiving experience. Getting a tandem skydiving video that utilizes outside video adds an extra level of fun to the skydive. In addition to the incredible views, you have a camera person to smile and interact with in freefall.

Hand Cam + Outside Video

The benefit of a deluxe package of professional outside video and a first-person perspective using handcam on your tandem instructor is the incredible birds-eye, first-person view under parachute that is impossible to achieve with outside video alone. The multi-camera, multi-angle tandem skydiving video is for those jumpers who would like a premium package unlike anything available at other skydiving facilities.

Don’t leave empty-handed. Let us capture this life-changing moment for you! Purchase a video package with your tandem skydive at Skydive Tecumseh today.

Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

I've been wanting to skydive for a number of years and on September 3rd for my 50th birthday, I jumped with Skydive Tecumseh. The staff were amazing and the experience was unbelievable and I will be back!

Jeffrey Gee