IAD - Instructor Assisted Deployment

Skydive Training Course

About Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) Training

With the Instructor Assisted Deployment method, you start from the bottom and work your way up.

You’ll climb to around 3,500 feet where you’ll exit the airplane solo and focus on piloting your cano­py safely to the ground. After you’ve learned to safely pilot your canopy, you’ll gradually add in freefall skills as you go incrementally higher with each successive jump.

The benefit of the IAD method is that each sequential jump builds slowly on the skills learned in the previous jumps with the first set of jumps skipping freefall and starting right off with canopy deployment. This allows the student to concentrate on each individual aspect of their dive without being overwhelmed. Skydive Tecumseh is also one of the only drop zones in the area that offers IAD training! It’s part of our commitment to provide the full range of available training methods to suit individual needs.

How IAD Training Works

After a day in our classroom you will be trained to take your first skydive. You’ll be equipped with your own parachute, then board the aircraft with your IAD instructor and fly to 3,500 feet above the ground where you’ll climb out, take poised stance, and release!

As you fall away from the plane, your instructor will manually deploy your pilot chute by throwing it into the wind, beginning the deployment sequence for your main canopy. Next, you’ll grab your control toggles, take control of your canopy, and steer yourself into our wide open student landing area.

Following your first few skydives, you will progress to your first “clear and pull” where you will deploy your own canopy immediately after your exit. The next series of jumps will allow you to gradually increase your freefall time before deployment.

Q: Is This the Same as Static Line Training?

IAD is the descendent of the original Static Line Training method. The basic concept is the same, but has now been updated to improve safety. Rather than have a static line attaching you to the airplane, an Instructor will hold the pilot chute of a student sport parachute rig and manually deploy your canopy as you exit the aircraft.

Becoming a Licensed Skydiver

After logging 25 jumps, and demonstrating comprehensive safety and flight skills you will be able to test and apply for your USPA “A” License, your ticket to jump at almost any dropzone in the world!

When you’re ready to jump, just give us a call at 1-517-SKYDIVE or 517-423-7720. You can also click the button below to register for your initial ground school training course.

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Tandem Skydiver in freefall at Skydive Tecumseh

Best place to skydive in Michigan hands down!! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff make you feel special, comfortable and safe. Our first tandem experience was incredible!!! Definitely coming back soon and recommend friends to go here!!!

Erik Chovan