A girl giving two thumbs up while in free fall on a tandem skydive

Skydiving: Why It’s Different Than What You Think

Friday, June 2, 2017

You’ve probably heard about skydiving. Sure, you might have even considered doing it yourself. But it’s different than you think… Here’s why.

Who skydivers are… is different to what you think

Skydiving is an adrenaline sport. It’s not unusual for people to think it’s a sport that’s only done by people who dye their hair bright colors, wear baggy clothes and generally hang out doing high adrenaline stuff all the time.


Stereotypes aside, skydiving really is a sport for anyone. You’ll find a whole cross-section of society at the skydiving center, from the classic adrenaline-sport stereotypes through to office workers in suits, moms and dads, students, retired people, young people, old people, American people, people from overseas, those from rich backgrounds, those from poorer backgrounds and a whole lot more.

A tandem student grabs the feet of her videographer while in free fall



So how does one sport attract so many different people? It’s because it’s something incredible. Skydiving touches people from all sorts of backgrounds because it’s all about doing something exceptional that challenges you on a very personal level. Who doesn’t want to push themselves to do something amazing?


Put your preconceptions about who skydivers are to one side, and come and join us to find out why the skydiving community is one of the greatest communities in the world.

What skydiving is… is different to what you think

If you’re thinking about skydiving, you’ve probably had a few thoughts about what it will be like and how it will feel.


You might have watched some of the many videos on YouTube, or even spoken to someone who’s done it before.


But the reality is that you’ll never truly understand what skydiving is like until you’ve done it.


For example, skydiving doesn’t feel like falling. Nope! Instead, it feels like being cushioned on the air. It’s like you’re floating. It’s the closest you’ll get to actually flying. It’s amazing.


Another thing you may not realize is that the parachute ride is one of the most peaceful journeys you’ll ever have. Once the parachute opens, the sound of freefall is left behind and there’s silence in its place. You’re able to speak to your instructor if you wish, or simply take a breath and enjoy the views around you.

How skydiving affects you… is different to what you think

Skydiving isn’t ever a ‘one off’ experience. While you may choose to jump just once, you’ll forever be left with the pride in the fact that you did it, and that fills you with confidence every day.


That’s because, for most people, making the jump takes real courage. It takes someone who has the drive to overcome their personal challenges and to do something that’s unusual and unfamiliar. When you’ve jumped out of an airplane, you can do anything.


It’s also a very liberating experience that leaves you feeling super happy. Believe us when we say that no one has ever been in freefall thinking about their next deadline or what to make for dinner! Instead, your mind clears and all you can think about is the here and now. You’ll be smiling for hours after your jump.


Ready to find out why skydiving is really like? Book your skydive with us, or get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Jeffrey Gee